ZEISS microfiber X-Large cleaning cloth 12"x16"

ZEISS SKU: 740206
BARCODE: 662834503449


Product Features

Product Features

  • 12x 16in microfiber cloth
  • Removes dust, oil smudges and dirt
  • Can be used with or without cleaning sprays and fluids
  • Can be used multiple times
  • Suitable for binoculars, cameras and larger gear
In The Box

In The Box

  • 12x 16in microfiber cloth

Zeiss microfiber X-Large cleaning cloth 12"x16" Overview

The classic lens cleaning product in true ZEISS quality: the ZEISS microfiber cloth for effective and gentle eyeglass care every day. Used in conjunction with ZEISS lens cleaning spray, dry or after rinsing the eyeglasses under running lukewarm water, the ZEISS microfiber cloth is the number one choice for caring for all eyeglass lenses that have a long performance life.


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