Sony ICD-UX570 Digital Voice Recorder UX Series

BARCODE: 027242916258


Product Features
  • 4GB memory
  • Micro SD compatible
  • Reduce background noise with Auto Voice Recording
  • Record in MP3/LPCM with a high sensitivity S Microphone
  • Slim design
  • Direct USB built in to PC
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • 3min charge 1 hour recording
In The Box

In The Box

  • ICD-UX570 Digital Voice Recorder
  • Built-In Lithium Battery



UX570 Digital Voice Recorder UX Series

With a high-sensitivity microphone, easy-to-use playback and over 159 hours of storage [FN_01], the UX570 series is a portable and versatile digital voice recorder that lets you record lectures, meetings and music in stunning quality

Reduce background noise with Auto Voice Recording
Recording someone talking? Switch on Auto Voice Recording to optimize
audio capture settings for vocal frequencies. The result is a purer recording with
less background noise and a reduced chance of audio loss caused by
unsuitable microphone settings.

Get a better sound with Auto Music Recording

The Auto Music Recording optimizes audio capture settings for music
frequencies. It reduces the impact of recording mistakes caused by wrong
microphone sensitivity settings, and delivers crisp, high-quality audio.

Capture distant or quiet sounds with S-Microphone
Now you can record those faint audio sources without capturing excessive
background noise, thanks to the high-sensitivity, low-noise S-Microphone.
Even the sound of birds twittering in the distance can be captured naturally and

Wider, brighter recording LED
With the UX570 series, you won’t worry about whether or not you’re recording
when you need to. The wider, brighter LED makes it easy to recognize when
you’re recording.

Get to the point with Time Jump

Long-range skipping is simple, too. You can easily find the important sections
of your meeting, seminar or lecture by using Time Jump to skip each 10% of the
total playback time of a recording.

Find what you need with minimal hassle

The UX570 series makes it easy to locate the playback point you need. Short range
skipping is a breeze with Easy Search, which enables you to go back 3
seconds or forward 10 seconds with the click of a button.

Turn it up with Playback Normalization
Thanks to Playback Normalization, you can listen clearly even when you
unexpectedly record low-level audio. It boosts your recording amplitude to the
highest limit without compromising on sound quality.

See clearly with a larger OLED Display
It’s even easier to start, review or manage your recordings with more clarity on
the large-screen display.

USB direct connection for quick file transfer
Transferring files to or from your computer is fast and convenient. Just plug the
UX570 series straight into a free USB port for an immediate connection — no
USB cable needed.
Thin, light and easy to carry
At just 4.05 " × 1.44 " × 0.48 " in size and approximately 1.69 oz in weight, the
sleek UX570 series is both light and thin, meaning it can slip into your pocket
and go wherever you go.
Expand your memory with the micro SD card slot
With its 4 GB of built-in storage, the UX570 series can record up to 59 hours of
MP3 at 128 kbps (STEREO). Plus, you can boost your storage with compatible
memory cards. The microSDHC card will give you up to 32 GB of total storage,
or a microSDXC card will give you an impressive 64 GB or more.

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