Kodak Professional Portra 800 Film / 135-36

Kodak SKU: cat1451855
BARCODE: 041771451851


Product Features 
  • ISO 800 Film
  • 36 exp
  • color negative film

Kodak's Professional Portra 800

Kodak's Professional Portra 800 is a 35mm, ultra high-speed, daylight-balanced, color negative film that is optimized for use in difficult/poor lighting conditions. It is an ideal choice if you are looking to push your film 1 stop to 1600, as it holds up well to being underexposed in both highlight and shadow detail. The color palette of Portra 800 is tempered with less contrast while maintaining vivid color tones. The T-GRAIN structure of this film allows for a finer grain structure with increased sharpness. If you are looking for a professional film to photograph people in low light conditions, this is a fantastic choice. Likewise, if you are looking for a color film that will allow for a fast shutter speed to freeze moving subjects, this is also an ideal option.


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