Kodak Professional EKTAR 100 Color Film Negatives / 120 - 5 Pack

Kodak SKU: CAT8314098
BARCODE: 041778314098


Product Features
  • 100 ISO
  • 120 film
  • color film negatives
  • World's Finest grain

Kodak Professional Ektar 100

Kodak Professional Ektar 100 is a 120, daylight-balanced, color negative film. Its colors are vivid and highly saturated. As this is a 100 speed film, its grain is extremely fine and smooth. This is a very sharp film that will highlight fine detail and image edge quality. This is a fantastic film for landscapes, nature, and outdoor photography. Live in the North-East? Shoot a roll of this film in the fall and be blown away by its translation of autumn colors.  


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