Ilford harman Reusable Camera With 2 x Kentmere Pan 400 films

BARCODE: 019498014772


Product Features
  • Reusable 35mm film camera
  • Integrated flash
  • Manual film rewind knob
  • Replaceable AAA battery
  • Wide angle lens
In the box
  • Ilford Harman Reusable Camera
  • 2 rolls of Kentmere Pan 400 Black and White Film
  • 1 AAA battery
  • Wrist strap

Reduce waste and save money on disposable cameras by using this re-loadable Ilford Harman 35mm film camera. Borrowing the plastic design feature of disposable cameras, Ilford Harman has been able to create an extremely affordable modern film camera. It is an ideal pocket camera with an integrated flash, film rewind knob, and replaceable AAA battery. This is truly an exciting camera for film shooters as they are no longer limited to old thrift shop cameras and disposable cameras. Whether you are new to the film scene, or a veteran, this is a fantastic camera at a very affordable price coming with 2 rolls of B/W film.   


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