Feiyu Tech VLOGPKT2 3-Axis Joystick Zoom Original Camera App Control Foldable Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

Feiyu Tech SKU: VLOGPKT2
BARCODE: 6970078071957


Product Features
  • The Gimbal with the innovative foldable design is convenient to be pocketed.
  • It only weighs 272g. The maximum payload up to 250g.
  • Three-axis motor lock is convenient for storage and folding.
  • All Follow Mode is perfect to quickly capture every stunning moment.
  • 360° unlimited angle & POV Mode make inspiration pouring in.
  • Added Joystick to meet shooting needs at different angle.
  • Long battery life up to 9 hours to supply strong power for shot.
  • Equipped with mini tripod and portable bag.
In the Box
  • Feiyu VLOG Pocket 2 Handheld Gimbal
  • Charging Cable
  • Mini-Tripod
  • Carry Bag

Smartphone Gimbal for Creators
The Vlog Pocket2 is a brand new pocketable 3-axis smartphone stabilizer. It includes gesture control, zoom control, AI tracking, portrait mode and auto-hitchcock zoom (dolly zoom). Use it to directly control your smartphone's photo and video apps. Use the Feiyu ON app to unlock even more advanced features, such as face tracking and time lapse. Pocket2 is a powerful, palm-sized tool for creators.

Anti-shake Performance

A young woman in a white shirt and black shorts dances while holding the FeiYuTech Pocket2 Gimbal with smartphone attached
When you're shooting with your smartphone, image quality can often be sacrificed by the image stabilization features built-in to your device. The Pocket2 Gimbal uses 3-axis stabilization and a brushless motor to compensate for movement and shake, enabling your device to continue recording top-quality video without degradation. Use it to shoot smooth video, even active movement.

Tiny but Mighty

FeiYuTech Pocket2 Gimbal, folded up, laying in the palm of a hand
The FeiyuTech Pocket2 Gimbal may be no bigger than the palm of your hand, but it's strong enough to support 250g of weight, and is compatible with all makes of smartphones. It weighs only 272g and is easy to fit in your pocket or bag. It's a must-have for travelling!

Shoot Landscape & Portrait

An overlay showing a smartphone in vertical and horizontal position connected to the Pocket2 gimbal
Switch easily between shooting in landscape and portrait modes. Shoot short videos, live-stream and build your audience.

Shortcut Menu, One-Handed Operation

Using the shortcut keys on the Pocket2 Gimbal to access the app menus
Shortcut keys on the Pocket2 make it easy to bring up the app menu with one hand, without having to touch your device's screen.

Follow Modes

Track a fast subject, like this rabbit, using Pocket2 Follow Modes
Immerse yourself in your creative vision with 360° POV all-follow mode. Move at up to 180-degrees per second without angle constraint or jitters.

Easy to carry, easy to Vlog.

The foldable FeiyuTech Pocket2 Gimbal easily fits into a pocket
The eagle wing-shaped folding design makes it small and portable. Just put it in your pocket and make vlog anywhere anytime.



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