Feiyu Tech Ak2000S Standard Gimbal Kit

Feiyu Tech SKU: AK2000ST
BARCODE: 6970078072190


Product Features
  • 4.85 lb Payload; Arca-Swiss QR Plate
  • Attachable Underslung Rear Handle
  • Includes Focus/Zoom External Motor Kit
  • 14-Hour Runtime; Fast Charging Supported
In the Box
  • Feiyu AK2000S 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer Advanced Kit
  • Brushless AFKII Dual Lens Motor Set
  • Rear Handle with Mounting Screw
  • Mini Tripod
  • Sony USB Charging Cable
  • Sony USB to Multi-Port Control Cable
  • Canon USB Cable
  • Canon 5D Mark IV USB Cable
  • Panasonic USB Type-C to 2.5mm DC Shutter Release Cable
  • Nikon & Canon EOS R USB Charging Cable
  • Bottom Quick Release Plate
  • Arca-Swiss Quick Release Plate
  • Lens Support Bracket
  • Short Camera Thumbscrew
  • EPP Storage Box

Our flagship, 16.8V high voltage actuation & high torsion, brushless motor guarantees a strong and powerful gimbal. The latest W6 algorithm makes the margin for error of any angle less than 0.05°.

The AK2000S has a quicker response speed and smoother operation thanks to our latest generation algorithm. Multiple levels of sensitivity settings allows for smoother video creation.

Easily Supports Mirrorless/DSLR Cameras
The AK2000S is portable yet has a huge payload capacity, compatible with various camera models and accessories. Motor is equipped with a new generation of Cortex M4 core and a 200MHz CPU. The maximum motor control frequency is 20,000 times per second, with 2.2kg payload capacity thanks to the strong motor torque. 

Unique LCD Touch Screen Enables One-Handed Operation

Without the APP, you can also operate the AK2000S by the unique LCD touch screen. The screen can be locked to avoid accidental touches.

Wireless Sound Recording
Record sound at a in distance with the wireless recording set.

Delicate Appearance and a Comfortable Touch Feeling Grip
The gimbal has comfortable touch feeling thanks to the well-polished rosewood handle. The ergonomic design provides you with a the cosy grip experience.

Motor Lock & Quick Release System
Each axis is all equipped with locks, which make the gimbal more stable during balancing and the folding process. Quick release 2.0: quick release plate, ARCA quick release system, seamless switching between popular quick release systems; Mount camera within 1 second by ARCA quick release system.

Quicker Response Speed
The improved motor response speed allows you to starting speed; start the gimbal in 2 seconds, or warm start in 1 second from sleep mode.

One Click Enters Different Modes
Enter time-lapse shooting mode, inception mode, Vlog Selfie mode, and portrait mode with just one click. The AK2000S meets all the requirements for professional shooting, Vlogs and Tik-Tok.

Supports More Accessories To Bring More Possibilities
Brushless follow focus: Precisely control focus using the multi-function knob.

Hyperlink controller: Operates the AK2000S by controller, or motion-control the tilt and pan movements.

Extension rod: It can be used as simple rocker arm or simulate low altitude aerial photography.

Versatile handle holder: You can shoot at a low angle using the versatile handle.

Tilt axis support holder: Fix the camera in one of two ways to reduce the shake and connect more equipment.

Product Specs
{"groups":[{"name":"Feiyu AK2000S"},{"name":"Gimbal","spec":[{"name":" Number of Axes","value":"3-Axis (Pitch, Roll, Yaw)"},{"name":"Rotation Range","value":"Yaw (Pan): 360°\nPitch (Tilt): 230° (-55 to 175°)\nRoll: 360°"},{"name":"Load Capacity","value":"4.85 lb \/ 2.2 kg"}]},{"name":"Compatibility","spec":[{"name":" Supported Camera Dimensions","value":"W: 7.5 x H: 5.1 x D: 6.9\" \/ W: 19 x H: 13 x D: 17.5 cm"},{"name":"Camera Mounting Screw","value":"1 x 1\/4\"-20 Male"}]},{"name":"General","spec":[{"name":"Ports","value":"1 x USB Type-C (Control)\n1 x USB (Unspecified Type) (Control)\n2 x USB (Unspecified Type) (Control)\n1 x USB Type-C (Power)"},{"name":"Wireless Protocol","value":"Bluetooth (Unspecified Type), Wi-Fi (Unspecified Type)"},{"name":" Battery Type","value":"1 x Built-In"},{"name":"Capacity (mAh)","value":"2200 mAh"},{"name":"Battery Runtime","value":"14 Hours"},{"name":"Materials","value":"Aluminum"},{"name":"Mounting","value":"3 x 1\/4\"-20 Female\n1 x 3\/8\"-16 Female"},{"name":"Dimensions","value":"14.69 x 8.03 x 6.26\" \/ 37.3 x 20.4 x 15.9 cm\n13.78 x 8.23 x 2.8\" \/ 35 x 20.9 x 7.1 cm (Folded)"},{"name":"Weight","value":"2.43 lb \/ 1.1 kg"}]}]}
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