Rode AI-Micro Compact-Audio Inderface

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Product Features
  • Ultra-compact dual-channel audio interface
  • Two auto-sensing 3.5mm microphone inputs for connecting a wide variety of microphones
  • Universal compatibility with smartphones, tablets and computers
  • SC21 (Lightning to USB-C), SC22 (USB-C to USB-C) and SC23 (USB-C to USB-A) cables supplied*
  • 3.5mm headphone output for zero-latency monitoring and playback
  • Expanded features and functionality via the RØDE app suite: RØDE Central, RØDE
  • Connect and RØDE Reporter
In the Box
  • AI-Micro
  • USB Type-C to Lightning (SC21, 300mm length)
  • USB Type-C to USB Type-C (SC22, 300mm length)
  • USB Type-C to USB Type-A (SC23, 300mm length)
  • 2-year constructor warranty

The AI-Micro is a new ultra-compact dual-channel interface for recording high-quality audio to a mobile device or computer with absolute ease. Featuring two auto-sensing inputs for connecting virtually any microphone with a 3.5mm output, a high-power headphone output for crystal-clear, zero-latency audio monitoring and playback, and a universal USB output for use with both iOS and Android devices, it’s the perfect portable recording solution for mobile journalists and content creators. The AI-Micro also offers a seamless solution for connecting a 3.5mm microphone to a computer, making it ideal for streamers, podcasters and professionals, and can be used with the entire suite of RØDE apps for supercharged recording on any device.

The AI-Micro connects seamlessly to all devices using the supplied SC21 (Lightning to USB-C), SC22 (USB-C to USB-C), and SC23 (USB-C to USB-A) cables and is compatible with the entire RØDE app suite including RØDE Central, RØDE Connect, and RØDE Reporter. These apps offer expanded features and functionality, on-the-go device configuration, broadcast-quality recording on both mobile devices and computers and more.

“With the AI-Micro, we set out to create the perfect solution for recording high-quality audio with a smartphone, tablet or computer using a 3.5mm microphone,” says RØDE CEO Damien Wilson. “The intention was to take the core design of our hugely popular SC6-L interface for iPhone and iPad and make it compatible with more devices and adaptable to a wider range of recording applications. By adding a universal USB output, enhanced microphone inputs, and compatibility with RØDE’s powerful app suite, we have absolutely achieved that. The AI-Micro is a must-have for everyone from content creators in need of an ultra-portable recording solution to professionals looking for an easy way to capture great sound while working from home.”

The AI-Micro features two microphone inputs with high-quality preamps and can record highresolution 24-bit/48kHz audio, allowing users to capture stellar sound on any device. These are autosensing inputs that detect whether a TRS or TRRS microphone is connected and automatically adapt to accommodate – no adaptors needed. Input 1 can also be configured as a single stereo TRS input. This means that virtually any microphone with a 3.5mm output can be connected to the AI-Micro, including RØDE VideoMics, lavaliers, wireless systems like the Wireless GO, and stereo microphones like the Stereo VideoMic Pro. It also features a high-power headphone output for crystal-clear, zerolatency audio monitoring and playback. Weighing less than 20 grams, the AI-Micro is extremely compact and lightweight – a pocket-sized solution for recording incredible audio anywhere.

The AI-Micro is designed to connect seamlessly to smartphones, tablets and computers via its universal USB output. It is plug-and-play compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices, and comes with high-quality USB-A, USB-C and Lightning cables, making it quick and easy to get recording in no time.

The AI-Micro can be used with the entire RØDE app suite – including RØDE Connect, RØDE Central and RØDE Reporter – for accessing expanded features and functionality, on-the-go configuration and broadcast-quality recording on any device.
The interface is fully compatible with RØDE Connect, RØDE’s free podcasting and streaming software for Mac and Windows. This enables up to four microphones to be connected to a computer, with level controls, solo and mute buttons, and studio-quality audio processing accessible at the click of a button. This includes a compressor, noise gate, and legendary APHEX Aural Exciter and Big Bottom effects. Using the AI-Micro with RØDE Connect allows anyone to record professional-quality podcasts or livestreams with a 3.5mm microphone.
RØDE Central allows users to configure their AI-Micro on a computer or mobile device, including adjusting the input gain and headphone output level, switching between ‘Merged’, ‘Split’ and ‘Stereo’ channel mode, and engaging a high-pass filter. The RØDE Reporter mobile app also allows complete device configuration, as well as broadcast-quality recording in the field.
The AI-Micro is the latest innovation from RØDE aimed at helping creators and professionals take their sound to the next level. With powerful features in an ultra-compact and easy-to-use package, it’s the perfect portable recording solution.


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