Sony ECM-C115 Electret Condenser Tie-pin Business Microphone

Sony SKU: ECM-C115
BARCODE: 027242626829


Product Features
  • Electret Condenser, Omni-Directional
  • Small, Compact Tie-Pin Microphone for Discreet Recording
  • Clip-on/Detachable Holding Clip for Ease of Attaching Microphone to Tie, Clothing and Versatile Usage on Desktop
  • Stand Mechanism on Clip Allows for Placement on Table for Use in Meetings
  • Thin Battery Box with Clip for Attaching Microphone to the Inner Pocket of Jacket
  • 2-Way Power Supply (from Battery box or Plug-in Power from Recording Device with Plug-in Power from recording
In The Box

In The Box

  • Sony ECM-C115 Tie-Pin Microphone
  • Wind Screen
  • Battery Box
  • Holding Clip

Sony ECM-C115 Electret Condenser Tie-pin Business Microphone Overview

If you like accuracy, precision, and economy, the Sony ECM-C115 is up to the task. At 0.4 ounces, this condenser microphone is ultra-compact, so you can easily wield it during speaking engagements or recording sessions. Confidently record bright treble frequencies and resonant bass tones with the sweeping 50 Hz to 15 kHz frequency response of the Sony ECM-C115. This Sony microphone helps you to pick up subjects uniformly from all directions thanks to its omnidirectional pattern. With a -40 dBm effective output level, this condenser microphone is rather sensitive, which means you are able to pick up all kinds of sound dynamics from loud to soft. What's more, the Sony ECM-C115 is great for recording, which means you are able to get the most out of it for mixing ensembles, bands, and solo artists.



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