Panasonic RP-HD610 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Panasonic SKU: RPHD610NK
BARCODE: 885170353015


Product Features
  • Noise Cancellation
  • High-Def and Hi-Res Audio
  • Bluetooth
  • 40mm HD driver units designed with mlf diaphragms and anti-vibration
  • Premium 20 Hrs Playback
  • 3D Ball Joint For Ultimate Comfort
  • Push a Button for Siri or Google Assistant
In The Box
  • Panasonic RP-HD610 Headphone

Hi-Res Sound. High-End Comfort.
over the ear headphones Enjoy a new world of pure sound and luxury with these powerful premium headphones. Designed for Hi-Res Audio playback, they include 40mm HD drivers, 3 levels of noise cancellation, voice assistant and a plush 3D ear pad system for the ultimate fit and comfort.

Adjust Your Levels of Noise Cancellation
noise cancellation Block the ambient noise that interferes with your favorite music, podcasts, movies and more with three adjustable levels of noise cancellation for optimum listening enjoyment.

High-Def and Hi-Res Audio
high definition; high resolution; Designed for LDAC and aptX HD formats, you'll fully enjoy Hi-Def sound from Bluetooth devices and the detail of Hi-Res Audio with a wired connection to your devices or home audio system.

Enhance Ambient Sound
ambient noise; When you want to hear sounds around you or converse while wearing your headphones, simply cover the right-ear housing with your hand to activate the ambient sound enhancer.

Built for Premium Playback
premium playback; Powerful 40mm HD neodymium drivers combine multi-layer film diaphragms, anti-vibration frames and high-quality driver tuning for playback true to the original music.

Ultimate Fit and Comfort
fit; comfort A 3D ball joint structure enables the headband and soft, plush 3D ear pads to move freely in three dimensions at once for the ultimate fit around the head and ears, and hours of luxurious listening.

Push a Button for Siri or Google Assistant
voice activation; voice assistant Choose your music, adjust volume and make phone calls without reaching for your phone, all with one button. A simple touch activates your smartphone's Siri or Google voice assistant.

charge time;

15 Minute Quick Charge
Quick charge your headphones for only 15 minutes to enjoy up to 2 hours of performance.
4 Hour Full Charge
Keep the music flowing for up to 20 hours with a full 4-hour charge.

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