Nikon MB-N10 Multi Battery Power Pack (For Z 5, Z 6II, Z 6, Z 7II and Z 7)

Nikon SKU: 27204
BARCODE: 018208272044


Product Features
  • For Z 7II and Z 6II Mirrorless Cameras
  • Also for Z 7, Z 6, and Z 5 Cameras
  • Holds Two EN-EL15b Batteries
  • Offers Extended Shooting Times
  • Dual Battery Slots, Hot-Swappable Design
In the Box
  • Nikon MB-N10 Multi Battery Power Pack x 1

The MB-N10 is a Multi Battery Power Pack for the Z 7II, Z 6II, Z 7, Z 6 and Z 5 full frame mirrorless cameras (cameras sold separately). It is designed to add additional shooting time versus just using the battery in the camera alone. The MB-N10 may increase the length of shooting time up to 1.8x* (*CIPA standard) more than using just the camera’s battery. The MB-N10 is designed with the same weather sealing and modern design of the Z cameras and affords photographers a well-balanced feel when a long telephoto lens is on the camera.
The MB-N10 can accept two EN-EL15c or EN-EL15b rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries, each housed in its own battery compartment. EL15a/EN-EL15 batteries can also be used in place of EN-EL15c/EN-EL15b batteries. Battery endurance (the number of pictures or length of movie footage that can be recorded on a single charge) vary with the battery. For convenience, the batteries are hot-swappable, which means that you can replace one while the other continues powering the camera. This is beneficial for video, interval and time-lapse shooting. With two batteries, power is first drawn from the battery in chamber A until it is depleted, and then the unit draws power from the battery in chamber B.

Other features include battery power level displays for each battery, a socket for connectivity to a tripod and the ability to use the optional EH-7P Charging AC Adapter to charge the EN-EL15b batteries while inserted into the unit, whether its attached to the camera or not.

Stills: Measured at 23 °C/73.4 °F (±2 °C/3.6 °F) with a NIKKOR Z 24–70mm f/4 S lens under the following test conditions: one photograph taken at default settings once every 30 sec.
Movies: Measured at 23 °C/73.4 °F (±2 °C/3.6 °F) with the camera at default settings and a NIKKOR Z 24–70mm f/4 S lens under conditions specified by the Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIPA).


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