Loupedeck LIVE Editting and streaming console

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Product Features
  • Intuitively Edit Video, Photos & Audio
  • Control Live Streams, Browse Spotify
  • Native Integration with Popular Software
  • Free Custom Profiles & Plug-Ins
  • Touchscreen LCD, Dials & Buttons
  • Haptic Feedback
  • Use with Twitch, Streamlabs & OBS Studio
  • Use with Adobe, FCP X & More
In the Box
  • Loupedeck Live Console for Content Creators & Streamers
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • USB Type-C to USB Type-A Adapter
  • Stand


Whether you’re producing photo or video content, controlling your live-streams, playing games, or browsing the web – Loupedeck Live is a powerful and customizable console designed to put tools and functions you need right at your fingertips.
Being a natural extension of your keyboard, mouse, graphic tablet and pen, Loupedeck Live streamlines your workflow to give you more time to focus on the things that matter – expressing your creativity and connecting with people.
With its seamless and intuitive controls, packed in a compact and portable premium shell, Loupedeck Live is designed to handle all of your needs – at the studio, on the go or in your home.
Equipped with deep native integrations to a wide range of creative and streaming tools and software, creating, composing, editing, and going live has never been this smooth.
Get Loupedeck Live today.

Enjoy seamless control through native integrations to your favorite streaming and creative software. Loupedeck Live is context-aware, meaning when you open Streamlabs, Lightroom Classic, Premiere Pro, or any software you have created a profile for – all your tools are right there, available from one sleek user interface.

Get better control with Loupedeck Live’s controls and dials. Arrange, adjust the sound on the fly, and compose audio. Making adjustments has never been more intuitive than with Loupedeck’s premium dials, giving you haptic feedback on incremental changes.

Loupedeck Live is designed to deliver a powerful experience for live-streaming with deep integration to Twitch, Streamlabs, and OBS Studio. Arrange and customize all your actions using the console’s neat organization and go live in seconds, effortlessly switch scenes and sources, record gameplay, save replays. We want you to effortlessly create top-notch content while giving you time to chat with your audience.

Quickly launch anything you need — software, a function, a website, Spotify, anything with a simple push of a button. Loupedeck’s Custom Workspaces bring time-saving and hassle-free access to the tools you need. So you can focus on what you love. Then tap into the community and find new custom profiles they’ve created — or share your own with the world!

Get started quickly with our ready-made profiles for streaming and content creation or easily organize your tools into custom workspaces, uniquely tailored to your personal workflow. Combined with color-coordinated, fully customizable buttons, dials and touchscreens, creating fresh content has never been this easy.

Natively Supported Software
Loupedeck Live simplifies creating exciting new streaming content while staying connected with your audience. Keep an eye on your viewer count while managing chat modes, running a commercial, or sending predefined chat messages, all with the simple push of a button.
Streamlabs & OBS Studio (Windows Only)
Experience a faster, smoother, and more customized Streamlabs/OBS experience with Loupedeck Live. Intuitively control live video streams with Loupedeck Live's premade profiles for Streamlabs and OBS Studio. Boost the production quality of your content and control every aspect of your live stream.
Adobe Lightroom Classic
Loupedeck Live's native integration with Adobe Lightroom Classic gives you instant access to your favorite tools and functions, and it even automates various steps of your workflow. Start editing right away with default workspaces, broken down by each stage of the editing process—making both simple and more complex tasks like importing, rating, adjusting the colors, and exporting fast and effortless.
Adobe Photoshop CC
Loupedeck Live makes editing and retouching fast by putting everything you need right at your fingertips. Designed to work alongside your mouse and keyboard, Loupedeck Live provides instant access to your favorite tools, functions, and profiles, eliminating the need to toggle through menus. Equipped with default workspaces organized by project type, Loupedeck Live allows you to navigate layers in Photoshop, manage color control panels, apply adjustments to brush tool settings, and more, all with a simple turn or click of a dial or button.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Loupedeck Live's native integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC provides a faster video editing and color-grading experience for professionals. Organize your favorite tools and functions into custom workspaces or take advantage of Loupedeck Live's default Premiere Pro workspaces, built with the necessary tools and functions required at each stage of the video editing process.
Final Cut Pro X
Native integration with FCP X makes grading and editing your videos fast. Loupedeck Live gives you quick access to all the tools you need to organize your clips, navigate your timeline, cut and trim clips, and make precision edits to color. Every button and dial, as well as the touchscreen, can be customized to your personal editing style.
Adobe Illustrator
Gain intuitive control over the tools you use with Loupedeck Live's quickly accessible custom workspaces. Loupedeck Live gives instant access to the tools you use and lets you streamline various stages of your workflow without sacrificing time or artistic integrity. Quickly navigate through Illustrator and control everything, such as line height, line width, and fonts. Loupedeck Live is fully customizable and provides a seamless editing experience, meaning you can adapt every button or dial to your needs.
Adobe Audition
With native integration with Adobe Audition, Loupedeck Live offers full control over all parameters with the turn of a dial, allowing you to edit and compose audio faster and intuitively.
Adobe After Effects CC
Native integration with Adobe After Effects CC makes editing and color grading visuals and motion effects both efficient and intuitive. Loupedeck Live comes equipped with custom workspaces dedicated to various workflows, enabling quick access to an array of Adobe After Effects editing tools. Loupedeck Live offers full control over all parameters.
Loupedeck Live provides instant access to Spotify and can be launched with a push of a button. Select the perfect track or playlist and adjust the volume, for a more enjoyable creative experience when working in your video/audio editing software. (API commands are only available to Spotify Premium users.)

Display: 4.3-inch 480×272 pixel LCD with capacitive touch panel
Buttons: 8 round shape push-buttons with RGB backlight
Rotation encoders: 6 endless rotation encoders with detents and push-button
Dimensions: 150x110x30mm Weight: 230g


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