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Passport photos hassle free...

Do you need a passport picture or any other ID photo ? Come visit us at Excellent Photo in Montreal and let us take the picture for you.

Passport pictures can be tricky and depending upon the country for which you need the picture the sizing specifications will vary, as well as a multitude of other factors.

Though most people come into our store requiring an ID photo for a Canadian passport, health card or  Permanent Residence card, we take ID pictures according to any specifications and for all countries, including: 

  • United States
  • Europe 
  • Asia
  • Visas
  • student Cards
  • or any other ID's

 So let us make the application process a little bit easier for you by taking your ID photo in accordance with every guideline, so you won’t have to worry. 

Photos for the whole family

infant and Child photos must follow the same rules as standard passport photos. That can be challenging especially for newborns. At Excellent photo you are welcome with your whole family, our staff is patient and we will give you our full attention and ensure you walk out with passport photo's that meet all requirements.

Digital Photo

you can get you ID photos emailed to you so you can use it easily for any online applications.

Passport photos While you wait....

While you wait for your ID photo to print out, don’t just wait by the counter, check out our new mirrorless camera systems from Sony, or ask questions about Nikon’s legendary lenses or Canon’s top of the line cameras! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff loves to talk cameras and photography, and before you know it, not only will you have learned about the latest and greatest in the world of photography, but your ID photos will be printed and stamped!



  • Do you need an appointment? No, we are available to take passport photos, during our regular operating Store Hours 
  • How much does it cost? All prices are available on this page.
  • Do You take Photos of Infants? yes, we do!
  • How long does it take? 10-15 minutes
  • Can I get the photo in B&W? the ID photos can be printed in colored or in black and white.
  • What should I wear? avoid wearing white shirts or small stripes. head coverings must be taken off unless its for religious purposes. Please make sure to check the official requirements if you are taking pictures for a government issued document.
  • Can I wear glasses? sunglasses or tinted eye glasses can not be worn. regular glasses can be worn as long as your eyes are clearly visible and there is no glare on the lenses. Please make sure to check the official requirements if you are taking pictures for a government issued document.



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