Film Processing

Here at Excellent Photo, we have been processing 35mm film for the Montreal photography community since our store opened in 2003. We are proud to say that we still offer this service and process all C-41 color film in house the same way that we always have, by treating each roll of film as though it contains your most important memories.

We employ specially trained staff to handle your 35mm film throughout the whole process, from developing the negatives to scanning them and preparing them for storage. We couldn’t be happier with the new resurgence of film, particularly amongst the whole new generation of people who are discovering the joys of analogue photography for the first time. We understand that shooting on film is a slower, more tactile process for the photographer, and at Excellent Photo we believe that this tactile process, and philosophy of shooting, doesn’t stop with the photographer but continues through the development of the negatives as well, which we are happy to lend a hand in. So if you have film to develop, drop it off with our staff where you can trust that your 24, or 36 exposures will be developed with care and will quite literally get “the white glove treatment”!

When you come back to pick up your film, we encourage you to look at your negatives and to ask any questions you might have. Maybe the images are thin, or maybe they are too dense? Why is this negative strip orange but that one is green? Maybe you have questions about pushing and pulling film? What is the Sunny 16 rule? Don’t by shy, every photographer has asked these questions and many more, it’s how we continue to grow!

Don’t have any rolls of film to develop but you love analogue photography and want to “talk shop”? Come on by, we love that too!   

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