Sennheiser A-Cam | B-Cam Promotion - Ends December 31st 2022

Video content should be captured with exceptional audio, and that simply can’t be left to the built-in mic on your camera. Many content creator's journeys start with a single camera, but soon find their passion turning into a world of constant learning. They add lenses, lighting, gimbals, tripods, more cameras, and of course, microphones!
Thanks to thousands of 5-star reviews on their website, Sennheiser knows how hyped customers are after hearing how the MKE 600 brought their content to the next level. And while their A-cam is all rigged out with a shiny cage, a new lens and a brand new MKE 600, their B-cam is left to capture audio with nothing but the built-in mic. It doesn’t seem fair to treat your B-cam that way, so we’d like to help. With the A-Cam| B-Cam Promo, you can be certain to capture exceptional audio from every angle!

 Click here to buy the MKE 600, and get the MKE 200 free! Both must be added to your cart.


MKE 600
On top of a camera or at the end of a boom pole, the MKE 600 offers flexibility in any application where dialogue is critical to your messaging. The short shotgun design effectively rejects ambient noise from the sides and rear of the microphone, allowing your audience to focus on your speaker’s words. This design ensures you can keep the microphone out of your shot while providing excellent intelligibility with a fullness to the voice that the MKE 600 excels at.

MKE 600
Whether just starting out, or looking for a lightweight, convenient, and easy-to-use microphone for on-camera use, the MKE 200 brings an array of features to its unassuming form factor. The MKE 200 is built around a design used on professional sets throughout the world for feature films and location recording alike. The supercardioid capsule is internally shockmounted and protected by an integrated windshield for protection from environmental disturbances. If you’re taking your content out in the elements, the MKE 200 includes a furry windshield for additional protection from wind, as well as a carry bag and cables for DSLR/Mirrorless cameras and smartphones.

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