Sony NW-ZX300 Walkman - Digital player - 64 GB - Silver

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Product Features
  • 1-Bit DSD Support up to 11.2 MHz
  • DSD, AAC, MP3, WMA. FLAC & ALAC Playback
  • TFT Color 3.1" WVGA Display
  • 800 x 480 Resolution
  • Bluetooth 4.2, NFC & LDAC
  • Built-In 64GB of Memory
  • microSD Card Support
  • USB DAC & S-Master HX Amplifier
  • Unbalanced & Balanced Headphone Outputs
  • Up to 30 Hours of Battery Life
In The Box

In The Box

  • Sony ZX300 Walkman Digital Music Player
  • USB Cable
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

Sony Walkman NW-ZX300 Overview

Enjoy truly authentic High-Resolution Audio in a compact body. The NW-ZX300 has been engineered for master quality sound, exactly as the artist intended, in a palm-sized, go-anywhere design.

High-Resolution Audio for uncompromised sound

Experience digital music to the fullest with High-Resolution Audio. By capturing music at a higher rate than CD, increasing both audio samples per second and the bit-rate accuracy of each sample, High-Resolution Audio offers an uncompromised rendition of an artist’s music. Savour every breath and subtle movement for a truly emotional experience.

11.2 MHz Direct Stream Digital (DSD) playback for High-Resolution Audio

Enjoy studio-quality sound, thanks to the Direct Stream Digital (DSD) audio codec — designed specifically for High-Resolution Audio. This 1-bit format operates at a far higher frequency than conventional PCM digital audio, resulting in a more natural, and intensely-detailed sound. The result is clearer, crisper, High-Resolution Audio quality.

S-Master HX™ digital amplifier: utmost sonic purity

Enjoy the best High-Resolution Audio experience with the S-Master HX™ digital amplifier. Using a simplified and fully digital signal path, S-Master HX™ reproduces the subtleties and wide frequency range of high resolution formats. Unlike conventional amplifiers, it maintains the digital signal until right before the speaker output, eliminating distortion — for High-Resolution Audio, just as the artist intended.

DSEE HX™ restores your music files

Go beyond CD quality. DSEE HX™ builds on our proprietary DSEE™ technology, upscaling compressed audio files to a level that’s closer to High-Resolution Audio. By restoring the subtleties of the original recording that are lost during the compression process, DSEE HX™ delivers a rich, studio-quality audio experience for all your music.

Aluminium milled frame resists noise

A rigid aluminium milled frame provides strong resistance to electrical noise for clear, stable sound.

Balanced connection

The NW-ZX300 Walkman® features a balanced standard plug, designed for the new 4.4Φ balanced connection cable. This supplies compatible headphones with fully-discrete left and right channels, unlike conventional headphones which share a ground wire. The result is far better external noise suppression and improved stereo imaging, as well as more headroom for powerful sound delivery.

Film capacitor for wider acoustics

The decision to use higher quality film capacitors contributes to more efficient circuit-board design and better sound quality. These film capacitors also supply voltage with a linear response across frequencies, resulting in reduced distortion and noise for everything you listen to.

FT CAP (high polymer capacitor)

We spent three years developing the FT CAP with a singular focus on delivering powerful sound. Its large capacity means it can deliver reliable and clean voltage. This ensures well defined and immensely powerful bass notes are delivered to the headphone output.

High quality sound with lead-free solder

A high quality solder has been used for the circuit board and S-Master HX™ full digital amplifier CXD-3778GF. Applying the solder to the rear of the S-Master HX™ amplifier provides a more efficient electric connection which contributes to clearer sound and vocals.

Highest quality BLUETOOTH wireless streaming: LDAC

Enjoy your music at greater than CD quality with LDAC wireless audio transmission. LDAC uses a conventional BLUETOOTH wireless connection, but transfers at a maximum data transfer rate up to 990 kbps—approximately three-times that of other audio profiles. The result is enhanced wireless listening much closer to the artists’ intention. The best way to experience wireless audio with compatible BLUETOOTH wireless speakers and headphones.

USB DAC Function for higher quality music

Experience the great sound quality of the NW-ZX300 as a USB DAC (Digital-Analogue Converter) for your PC or Mac computer. When connected and activated, using the supplied USB cable, the NW-ZX300 replaces your computer’s regular sound processing with its own, highly-tuned hardware. Always enjoy premium sound quality, whether you’re at home or the office, a coffee shop or commuting.

MQA™ support for lossless streaming

Master Quality Authenticated is an audio format that compresses large studio quality files without audible loss, so you can easily enjoy High-Resolution Audio music on your Walkman.

Matte glass screen

A touch-sensitive matte glass screen allows smooth fingertip control with less fingerprints.

Intuitive side key

Simple, near instinctive side-key control enables you to control your music with ease.

Improved battery life for longer listening

Never run out of power when you're on the move. The NW-ZX300 holds enough charge for up to 30 hours of 128 kbps MP3 playback, or up to 26 hours of 96 kHz/32 bit FLAC High-Resolution Audio playback, so you don’t have to worry about finding a charger when you’re out and about.

Expandable storage for endless playlists

In addition to the integrated 64 GB memory, there’s also room for a microSD card, so you can take even the biggest music collections on the go.



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