Sony MDR-EX750AP - Earphones with mic - in-ear - 3.5 mm jack - lime yellow

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Make a statement

Go bold, go bright

Detail in every note

Hear your favourite tracks like you've never heard them before.

Our high-quality audio technologies deliver supreme detail

for all types of music.

High-sensitivity drivers

9 mm high-sensitivity drivers

Our newly developed drivers are specially designed to produce bright,

vibrant sound from a compact body.

Beat Response Control

Beat Response Control

Get a tight, deep bass sound, thanks to a cleverly

designed acoustic port within the earphone housing.

Get the best out of every track

Like going from standard definition to HD video,

High-Resolution Audio tracks are far higher quality than MP3s and even CDs,

letting you hear every breath, every drumbeat, every note.

High-Resolution Audio

3.2x more data transmitted

Uncompromising quality

Premium sound starts with premium components

With the h.ear in headphones, we've used some of the best-quality

materials and components to ensure optimum audio performance.

Aluminium housing

Aluminium housing

High-rigidity aluminium housing suppresses the vibrations that cause

unwanted noise and distortion, giving you smooth,

refined audio quality for everything you listen to.

L/R separated ground cable

A 4-wire configuration with separated ground cable cuts interference

between left and right sounds. The silver-coated OFC cable material

helps to reduce transmission signal loss.

  • h.ear in cable
  • Conventional cable

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