Sigma WR Protector Filter - 77mm

Sigma SKU: S77WRLP


Product Features
  • Clear Protection Filter
  • Prevents Damage to Lens
  • 1x Filter Factor, +0 Stop
  • No Effect on Image
  • Black Rimmed, Optical Glass Construction
  • Multi-Coated
  • Water, Oil, Static, Scratch Resistant
  • Slim Aluminum-Alloy Filter Ring
  • 77mm Front Filter Threads
  • Knurled Front Edge, Plastic Case
  • 7 Years Manufacturer Canadian Warranty 
In The Box

In The Box

  • Sigma WR (Water Repellent) Protector Filter 77mm


The Sigma WR (Water Repellent) Protector Filter is a simple, clear filter with a 1x filter factor and is designed to provide general protection for your lens. This optically clear filter does not affect overall image quality while helping to prevent dust, scratches, moisture, and other elements from reaching or damaging your lens. This filter is multi-coated to eliminate internal ghosting and reflections. An anti-static coating serves to limit the accumulation of static electricity, making dust particles easier to remove or preventing them from adhering to the filter. Additionally, a water-repellent coating results in an improved beading effect when in contact with water, as well as oil, for greater cleaning efficiency while enhancing scratch resistance.

Sigma WR Lens Protect Filter

Designed to protect the camera lens, SIGMA Lens Protect Filter is an ultra-clear, transparent filter with surface
reflection of less than 0.3% that does not affect the visible light range.

Ultra Low-Reflection Optics: Less than 0.3%

The outer rim of the lens is treated with black-ink and features a special frame structure allowing the filter to
achieve an ultra low-reflection of less than 0.3%. With suppression of surface reflection, the filter brings out the
camera’s lens performance to its maximum, achieving excellent image quality.

Ultra-Low Reflective Thin Frame

The filter mount features multiple light-blocking ridges to eliminate flaring and ghosting caused by diffusion.
The high-grade filter glass employed on the SIGMA Lens Protect filter assures improved flatness and intensity while
maintaining an exceptionally thin frame design.

Coated Filter to Lens Thread

The filter to lens screw threads are specially coated to provide smooth and easy attaching and detaching of the filter during shooting situations, as well as reducing unneccesary excessive tightening of screwing the filter onto the lens.


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