LAXTEK 16GB Micro SD Card

BARCODE: 703168075988


Product Features
  • LAXTEK –16GB Micro SD, TF Memory Card C10+U3+V30 with Micro SDXC to SD Adapter UHS-I High Speed Ultra SD Card for Phone, Full HD & 4K Photos & Video Storage (16GB)
  • SAFE & RELIABLE HIGH SPEED MICRO – High Resolution, High Performance and High Speed UP To 100 MB/s Data Storage & Transfer.
  • V30 VIDEO & PHOTOS – Take Photos & Record videos with V30 Full HD & 4K resolution.
  • HIGH SPEED & FAST TRANSFER – LAXTEK micro SD Card Read and Write Speeds Offer Fast File Transfers between Devices UP To 100 MB/s and Quick Loading A1 for Apps.
  • FREE ADAPTER & WARRANTY – The Included Adapter Makes the Micro SD Card Compatible With Over 2000 Devices. With 1 Year Warranty with any Problems!
In The Box
  • LAXTEK 16gb micro SD card

LAXTEK 16GB C10+U3+V30+A1 Micro SD TF Memory Card.
Ideal for Smartphones, Tablets, Digital & Action Cameras, CCTV, SatNav, Drones, PC and Laptop etc.
LAXTEK micro SD card is the ideal choice to securely store and transfer photos, videos and files between devices.
Safe and reliable, High Resolution, High Performance and High Speed Data Storage & Transfer.Capture and store High quality images in Full HD & 4K, Record With A high V30 Recording For Crystal Clear Recordings.
The micro SD card read and write speeds Is up to 100 MB/s for fast file transfers between devices and A1 for quick loading for apps.The included Adapter makes the micro SD card compatible with over 2000 Devices.


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