Hohem ISTEADY PRO - 3-AXIS ACTION CAMERA Stabilizing Gimbal

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Product Features
  • High quality compound materials
  • 4- way joystick to turn around
  • Motion timelapse
  • Compatible for GoPro Hero series and most action cameras
  • 4000mAh for 10 hours working
  • Diversified shooting style by pan follow, pan & tilt follow, all locked, all follow
  • Switch level for 180 degrees rotation
  • Personalized parameter setting
In The Box

In The Box

  • iSteady Pro 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal
  • Mini Tripod
  • USB Cable
  • Carrying Case
  • User Manual (English)

    Action cameras are not included.

Hohem ISTEADY PRO Overview

Variable speed follow of the 3 axes are sensitively adapt to the hand movements. It can perfectly meet the needs of different shooting applications.
Multifunctional slider makes iSteady Pro easier be operated freely. Push up: re-center the gimbal to the initial position. Push down: quick lock all the 3 axes.

Wide Compatibility:

The super rational design of clamp creats more possibilities on iSteady Pro to be compatible with most of action cameras, such as for GoPro Hero 6/5/4/3, for Sony RX0, for SJCAM, for YI cam, etc.

Comprehensive Upgrade on the User Experience of APP "Hohem Gimset":

  • One click for firmware upgrade, 6-side online calibration.
  • Trim Customize setting on rolling angle, fine-tune parameters, max. speed follow, motors torque set, dead area follow, joystick direction set, etc. Moreover, the scene memory set can help to remember and repeat the moving shots.
  • With the newly designed all following mode, we can realize the roll axis horizontal level 360° follow without limited. Unlock your creativity with 4 different shooting modes: Pan following, pan&tilt following, all locked and all following which can meet the most of the shooting scenes.

Pursuit of Perfection on Details Even 0.1°:

Tilt axis and roll axis are adjustable between the angle range from -9.9° to +9.9°. 2. 640° wide panning angle for easily generating a full 360° panorama.

built-in hig capacity 4000mAh battery

offers longer working life up to 12 hours for more filming. LED lights indicate the real time battery capacity. It also has power bank output port which can work as a power bank.
With more dedicated details, user friendly design, it greatly helps to improve the user's experiences. Ergonomic handle design for comfortable holding. 2 1/4" screw thread holes for attaching more photographic accessories.


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