Fujifilm X-T200 Mirrorless Digital Camera

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Product Features
  • 24.2 MP
  • APS-C CMOS image Sensor
  • 8 FPS Continuous Shooting
  • Continuous recording up to 30min 
  • 4K Video Recording
  • Manual pop-up flash
  • Face/ Eye Detection AF
  • 3.5 inch Touchscreen LCD
  • Compatible Fujifim X-Mount Lens
In The Box

In The Box

  • FUJIFILM X-T200 Mirrorless Digital Camera
  • USB Cable
  • Shoulder Strap


    In The Box

  • FUJIFILM X-T200 Mirrorless Digital Camera
  • Fujifilm XC 15-45mm Lens
  • USB Cable
  • Shoulder Strap


    The FUJIFILM X-T200 boasts a new EVF making it the most ideal camera in its class. It offers users fast auto-focus, face detection, and enough power to create stills at 8 FPS. Its 3.5” intuitive touch screen, new Clear Advanced Filter allowing for enhanced “bright mode” performance, and full image resolution image transfer, the X-T200 is the perfect tool for making your vision come alive.

    Enhance your stories

    Make the most of your everyday moments and never miss a chance to have a memory be part of your story. FUJIFILM X-T200 puts professional-level features at the fingertips of creatives, giving them a new light-weight and compact mirrorless camera body that features a high resolution EVF, quick and accurate face-detection AF, the power to create 24.2MP stills at 8 FPS, and even the ability to record 4K UHD video from almost any angle with its widescreen vari-angle LCD Touch Screen.

    Incredible image quality for any situation
    to make images exactly as you remember them

    • Copper-wiring structure for better performance
    • Hybrid phase and contrast detection autofocus

    Highly Accurate Face and
    Eye Detection Algorithm

    An updated Face/ Eye Detection AF makes focusing on individuals or groups of people quick and easy. This is even possible when the camera’s LCD monitor is flipped out and it is used to make a selfie. Additionally, automated functions will allow the camera to be set to recognize and track the subject within the frame.

    Great Low-Light Performance

    Achieve focus in dimly lit environments up to -2.0EV and get great image quality with low noise because of the advanced image processing provided by the camera’s copper wire processor.

    Touch Your Way to the Perfect Image

    X-T200 is equipped with a vari-angle 3.5-inch/ 16:9 Aspect Ratio widescreen LCD touch-screen that can be opened and closed between 0 and 180 degrees and rotated between -90 to +180 degrees. It also provides an intuitive and responsive control over the camera’s features and functionality and can be used to adjust a variety of settings, like brightness, background blur, Film Simulation effects, and image aspect ratios.




    A Legacy in Color Science

    Fujifilm’s legacy in color science has given it legendary status among image-makers across the world. During its 85-year history, it has been responsible for some of the most iconic photographic films in history and this exceptional knowledge has been poured into the 11 digital Film Simulation modes installed into X-T200. Images made with these film simulations carry the look and feel of the actual films that inspired them, which are a great building block to sparking creative imaging making.


    Creatively Express Yourself with Advanced Filters

    Emphasize light sources, boost contrast, add retro effects, or try the new Clarity filter to add an individual creative expression to any image.

    When a Still Image Just Isn’t Enough

    High-quality 4K and Full HD video recording modes

    X-T200 generates 4K (3840×2150) video by recording 6K video with no crop (6032×3392) and downsampling it,
    which results in incredble image quality with very low noise. Film Simulations can also be applied during video capture to add stylistic effects

    NEW HDR movie mode

    Combine multiple videos with varied exposure settings to increase dynamic range and make movies with more detail in shadows and highlights.
    This is perfect for situations where there is strong backlight or for outdoor scenes where there are mixture of shadows and highlights.
    *In dark situations, the function might not be as effective EW Digital Gimbal

    A gyroscopic sensor installed in the camera body helps it determine how to account for camera shake and apply its digital image stabilization algorithm, which allows for smoother video capture.
    *When using this function, the field of view is cropped
    *Lenses and angles of view that can be used are limited.USB Type-C terminal and Φ3.5mm mini stereo jack

    Connect external microphones and headphones to monitor and enable high-quality audio recording for a wide range of applications from vlogging to making simple videos.


    The wide range of award winning X mount lenses cover a full range of focal lengths and
    offer equivalent 35mm format angle of views from 12mm to 609mm.



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