Feiyu Tech AK2000C 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

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Product Features
  • Compact Design with 4.85 lb Payload
  • Touchscreen OLED Display
  • iOS/Android App (Inception Mode & More)
  • Control Cables for Autofocus, Start/Stop
  • Landscape & Portrait Camera Attachment
  • 7-12 Hour Built-In Fast-Charge Battery
  • Axis Locks for Easier Balancing/Storage
  • Support for Optional Rear Handle
In the Box
  • Feiyu AK2000C 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer
  • USB Type-A to USB Type-C Control/Charging Cable
  • USB Type-C to USB Type-C Control Cable
  • USB Type-C to 2.5mm TRS Control Cable
  • USB Type-C to Micro-USB Control Cable
  • USB Type-C to 2.5mm LANC Panasonic Control Cable
  • USB Type-C to Multi Sony Control Cable
  • Anti-Slip Metal Mini Tripod
  • Allen Wrench
  • Lens Support

The FeiyuTech AK2000C is a motorized gimbal for mirrorless and DSLR cameras to help you capture smooth footage with its 3 axis sensor stabilization. The gimbal balances and counterbalances the camera with electronic stabilization to help steady the camera. The AK2000C is not only for front and forwarding recording but also allows you to shoot steady video of yourself while holding it, and it has an Inception and time-lapse feature as well. This gimbal is not only suitable for smaller mirrorless cameras but it is also capable of supporting larger DSLR cameras. The AK2000C has several shooting modes giving you options to use for certain applications and shooting styles. With the 3 axis stabilization, this gimbal helps you capture that smooth floating footage giving your video a more pleasing look and feel.

The AK2000C is lightweight thanks to its aluminum alloy construction and feels very solid sturdy when handling it. It weighs in at 2.38 lbs. (1078 grams). The AK2000C comes with an extension arm that conveniently opens up to a tripod, which you can attach to the base of the AK2000C. When you attach the tripod extension, it gives you more support when using the AK2000C. In doing so, you are able to better hold and support the gimbal with both hands.

Plus, having the ability to open the extension arm up as a tripod helps when you need to place the AK2000C down. It was nice to see that there were several 1/4″ in. thread holes on the AK2000C which are handy in case you want to attach some extra equipment to it such as a small monitor, light, microphone, or another accessory you may need that could be useful when operating the AK2000C. There is a 1/4″ in. at the end of the sliding arm and one on each side of the handle.

The thread holes on the handle are also there to mount an optional handle, or Versatile Arm, which helps in shooting at a low slung position or just as extra support in shooting and carrying the AK2000C. I also like that the AK2000C comes with an ARCA Quick Release Plate for your camera. It makes mounting and removing the camera so much easier and convenient.
Right near the 1/4″ in. thread hole on the sliding arm is a USB-C port where you can plug in one of the included camera cables to control some settings and features on your camera.
On the side of the handle is a USB-C port which is the port to charge the internal non-removable battery.

Shooting with the AK2000C really helps to stabilize your camera allowing you to capture fluid motion when walking or running with it as well as keeping a steady static position. I initially thought it would be cumbersome to hold and shoot with the AK2000C since you generally will be holding it upright. I was concerned if the camera on top would make the gimbal top-heavy and put stress on my forearm. But after my first try with this gimbal, I felt no stress or fatigue in my forearm. Naturally, if you hold the AK2000C for a super long period of time with just one arm then your arm will get tired. But being able to hold onto the attached extension tripod, and just the design of the handle on the gimbal itself, I never really felt my forearm getting exhausted. However, I think I would have like to have the optional Versatile Arm attachment since I am used to shooting in a low slung position which I tend to do a lot.

On the handle is a small OLED LCD touchscreen which displays the settings, Modes, and status of the AK2000C. I really liked how clear and readable the screen is, even when viewing it at an angle. It is nice that the touchscreen is just within your reach so it is super easy to use even while holding the gimbal with just one hand. Plus, in combination with the provided camera cables, you are able to adjust your camera settings like the ISO, aperture, white balance, etc., all from the touchscreen.
The default display on the LCD screen is the four Modes: Pan, Follow, All Follow, and Lock Mode. Each Mode has specific functions that benefit the user in the type of shooting style they need. Basically, you can select an orientation of the camera by which Mode you choose. And selecting the Mode you want is as easy as tapping the Mode on the touchscreen or by pressing the Mode Button just below and to the left of the LCD touchscreen. The Mode Button allows you to cycle through the modes in order to select one.

Besides the previous four shooting Modes, there are other modes and functions that the AK2000C can do. There is a Selfie Mode, Portrait Mode, Motion Timelapse Mode, and an Inception Mode. The Inception Mode is basically making the camera spin in a 360° direction, which was made popular during a zero-gravity fight scene in the movie Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Using the Inception Mode is fast and easy to get into. Just swipe left on the screen and there is an Inception Button to tap. There are a few options for the direction of the spin and the number of spins.
The Selfie Mode is a nice feature to have so you can still have the handle and buttons facing forward all the while the camera is turned back at you. To enter the Selfie Mode you just press the Trigger Button three times and the AK2000C spins the camera around to face you. With the trigger button, I found it helpful to use to reset the gimbal to its default and ready position. It’s helpful if I ever feel that the gimbal is a little off. I just squeeze the trigger button two times and the gimbal moves right into its standby position like when you first turn on the gimbal.

And if ever fancy your camera in a vertical position instead of the traditional landscape position, there is a Portrait mode for those of you that want that vertical format view.If you ever need to shoot your camera in a vertical position just know that it is available with just a tap on the touchscreen.

For those of you that like to capture time-lapse footage such as the sun setting or rising or a flower opening, or maybe even capturing someone painting a picture, then using the Motion Timelapse feature would be perfect for you. There are parameters and settings for the Motion Timelapse that you can set either right on the AK2000C touchscreen itself or with the Feiyu ON app. The online Manual goes into more detail on how to set up this feature. There is also a video for it on the Feiyu website as well.


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