B+W 82mm - 806 ND 1.8 MRC XS PRO

B+W SKU: BW82806
BARCODE: 4012240499816


Product Features
  • 1.8 Solid Neutral Density Filter
  • 64x Filter Factor, 6-Stop
  • Darkens Entire Image
  • Allows Reduced Shutter Speed
  • Allows Wider Aperture
  • MRC Multi-Resistant & Nano Coatings
  • SCHOTT Glass Construction
  • 82mm Front Filter Threads
  • Thin Brass Filter Ring
  • Plastic Case
In the Box
  • B+W 82mm XS-Pro MRC-Nano 806 ND 1.8 Filter (6-Stop)
  • Filter Case

B + W's new ND filters are made with excellent, finely cut and polished special glass. The ND filter effect has been improved thanks to a combination of three different coatings achieved using a specially developed thin-film technology. To prevent distracting reflections, the coating includes a multi-layer anti-reflective part with seven layers on each side of the filter. The outer layer is dirt and water-repellent. Light absorption is extremely even across the entire visible area, producing perfect, color-neutral images. This new coating technology also means that ND filters can now be produced for the slim B+W XS-Pro Digital filter line.
These XS-Pro filters have an extremely slim brass mount, making them ideal for discerning users of mirrorless system and DSLR cameras. Despite its slim design, the mount is fully equipped with a front thread for further accessories such as a lens hood or snap-on lens cover. The XS-Pro filter line is available from dia. 30.5mm and is supplemented with a dia. 95mm version.


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